The Reason I Kissed The Mailman

It’s fun to preorder books. Well, it’s fun for me, because after I preorder a book I completely forget that I have preordered a book. Then when the book shows up, it’s like I’m getting a present from the universe and I get to high-five myself for being so clever. It’s a winning moment either way. One book I have perpetually on pre-order is Christmas With Southern Living. If you’d like a review as to why, I go into nauseating detail here.

IT CAME ON FRIDAY. LOOK AT THIS TURKEY. hahahaha I am never making this


“Nice poultry”, you’re thinking. “But I am here for mantel porn.” Me too. Here you go.





Remember, if you’d like to see any of these decorating scenarios in person, do not come to my house. They’re not here. 






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