The Reasons For BookReasons

If someone were to ask me, “Which Disney princess are you?”, I would respond with “I am a modern person who is above relating to wish-fulfillment as an acceptable life journey. Additionally, I am not engaging in this exercise as it promotes a two-dimensional view of womanhood.” Then I would probably say, “Derp, BELLE, because the Beast GIVES HER A FUCKING LIBRARY.”
At this point, of course, I’d be talking to myself because who on earth would stay to hear me spew all that crap? Unless it’s just to watch me prove I don’t know how to answer a simple question in one word. While ‘get to the point’ is a life motto for many, it’s not mine. I like the words. I like ALLLLL the words. I won’t ever use one word when I can use four. And if I do have to use one word, I agonize over which exact word will convey all that I need to convey. It’s a good agony, like eating too much movie popcorn or wearing fake eyelashes. It makes a conversation with me a disorienting avalanche of over-explanations and elaborate examples interspersed with dead silences where I sit with my eyes rolled back in my head, hands frozen midair, while I search for the most precise word to tell you exactly how I feel when I smell pinon wood. (Reverent. I feel reverent.)
This word fetish serves an intense relationship with reading. I love to read, I read all the time, when I’m not reading I’m thinking about reading and if my TBR pile has fewer than 4 books on it I stress out. Books that I love get folded up and absorbed into my DNA and shape my point of view and relationship with the world. Sadly, I like to talk about reading as much as I like to read and that will just wear a body out. (Not my body. YOURS.) I’m transcribing my windier monologues here. Writing it all out is genius for both of us because 1. You don’t have to hear me talk and 2. if you can’t take even one more second of reading about reading, you can just stop and go do what you really want to do. It’s so much easier than making an awkward excuse to get away from me, like “Oh look! There’s Bob! Gotta go say hi” when we both know Bob would not be caught dead at this party.

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P.S. The whole time you’ve been reading this I’ve been mentally redecorating Beast’s library. Two words: DJ booth.

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